How does it stick to the phone?

Knuckies mount with a harm-free, industrial strength (20lbs), double-sided mounting tape

The Extreme Mounting Tape is sold seperately at Target or Amazon – Both offer Free Shipping

Do I have to assemble it?

All Series 2 Knuckies come fully assembled right out of the gate. *adhesive sold seperately

How do I spin it?

Knuckies Series 2 spin faster and better over time as the plastic smoothes out. The more you practice spinning, the easier it will become. Try wiggling your hand instead of rotating it in circles.

Where should I place it?

Place the Knuckies slightly below the middle balance line of your phone for the best spinning experience.

What does it stick to? 

The Extreme Mounting Tape will stick to most flat & smooth plastic, metal and glass phones/cases/surfaces.

What doesn’t it stick to?

The Extreme Mounting Tape will not stick to rubber/silicone cases, unsmooth surfaces, dirty surfaces or the crack made by kickstands/battery covers

If you have any problems or questions, email us at contact@knuckies.com

How can I make these last longer?

Sealing the base with a thin layer of super glue and letting it dry will help the Knuckies stick better to the adhesive for longer. Try not to touch the base with your fingers as they contain oil that decreases adhesion.

How is it made?

3d_printed_knuckies_compactWhen this little finger hugger is finished being printed out of solid and flexible plastic it’s dyed to perfection into 9 luscious flavors and marble polished for a pristine finish.Welcome to the future. These digital dynamos are sculpted to the finest detail using CAD software then 3D printed with Selective Laser Sintering. Imagine layer after layer of nylon sand being stacked as a precision laser fuses it together. Once cooled, the precisely fused plastic is pulled from the pile of powdered plastic sand. It’s ridiculous.

Returns and Refunds


Can I get a refund? Can I exchange an item?

Yes, send us an email at contact@knuckies.com and we will sort it out with you in a spiffy jiffy!

My Knuckies don’t work, won’t stick to my phone and aren’t the best thing since sliced bread, can you help me?

Yes, if you have any questions or issues with your Knuckies please send an email to contacts@knuckies.com with your order number and we will be sure to help you ASAP.

Have a suggestion or a question for our FAQ page? Feel free to contact us. We believe in providing responsive top notch customer service that you will grow to love.


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