Phone The Smart Way

There is a crisis at hand. Millions are awkwardly stretching thumbs on larger phones, taking shaky photos, using cups as phone stands and filling pockets with shards of glass (broken phone screens). Fingers are bleeding, landfills are filling, it has to stop. Most phone stands these days look pretty but fall flat, literally.

Knuckies are here to change that.

They’re the new phone stand on the block. They stick strong with a wide base, stand at a 45° angle, ergonomically swing toward your hand for a secure grip. Did we mention that you can literally spin them like a ballerina in a tornado? Well you can.

Get ready to grip, spin, stand & smile ear to ear.

Quality Design

  • Designed and Manufactured in the USA
  • Fully 3D Printed by
  • 9 Different Models
  • 9 Different Colors
  • Ergonomic range of motion that hugs toward the hand
  • Affordable $8-$10 range
  • Strong and Flexible Dyed Nylon Plastic
  • Solid Mounting Tape Adhesion – Sold Separately

Tons of Uses

  • Grip confidently while running
  • Enjoy stable portrait and landscape mode – perfect angle
  • Take a timed photo by using it as a stand
  • Multi-task while holding your phone backwards
  • Hang it on a 3D Printed Knuckies “GPS Dash Hook”
  • Spin it to produce colorful vortex
  • Reverse your grip for stable photography

About the Inventor

Mike Diaz has a varied background. He studied Marketing at the University of Central Florida. Then he started Pick Your New Opportunities, a social experiment that introduced over 4,500 people blindfolded. He currently helps brand companies and products at Mike Ideas Inc, an advertising studio he founded in 2015.

I Spent 3 Years Perfecting A Spinning Phone Stand. Worth It.

For the past three years, I have been working to perfect the world’s most comfortable, ergonomic and fun phone stands.

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In short, the first version I released let you grip, spin (integrated skateboard bearing) and stand your phone. I used to order it from a 3D printer ($12) assemble it with a bearing and adhesive ($5 + a lot of effort) then ship it ($5). Total cost was $20, end user cost was $25 with free shipping. It was popular, but not profitable.

People I had never met were finding and ordering these things though, I had to find a way to make it cheaper

For the last year I was working with an injection molder in China, finalized a prototype ($200) and it worked perfectly. So I ordered 3D printed models of it in various colors (2 months and $150) for a Kickstarter video. As I casually setup the original prototype as a phone stand for the photoshoot, it snapped.

It is ridiculous, but words cannot describe how painful the sound of that plastic breaking was to me. How could I risk over $30,000 of Kickstarter Backer funds on a mold and process that might not work? I reevaluated the limitations of injection molding and decided to find a way to completely 3D print it.

It sucked. I went through dozens of models, tweaking and reinventing frequently. Each time I ordered (over 40 times, $600+), I would have to wait 2 weeks+ to get the new prototype. Waiting in anticipation, receiving it, seeing it did not work correctly and having to go back to the drawing board and repeat the process over and over again. It absolutely decimated me.

When I received those worthless prototypes in the mail over and over again, I wanted to quit each and every time. I got through it with an intention, a belief that I could make something that improved the lives of others for the better. I had the good fortune of seeing and hearing that my original model did indeed help people and give them joy. I latched onto that. Find your belief, find that thing that gets you excited and amped, stick with your goal until you feel so stoked it scares you. I am so glad I did.

I have this vision of a website with hundreds of different spinning phone stands that people are smiling about and enjoying. Furry ones, spikes ones, stretchy ones, light up ones. Phone stands that make people’s lives easier and fun while saving more phone screens from the landfill.

I finally hit a mechanism that worked flawlessly. It clicked down flush with the phone, had the perfect angle for portrait/landscape standing and hugged the hand in all the right ways. Then, to my complete shock, it spun. I was completely smitten. 2 Months and an insane amount of hustle later, Knuckies Series 2 was born. 9 models, 9 colors, all charming. I know you will absolutely love them.

Take a chance and try one of these modern marvels out. will 3D print and ship it to you like magic. They cost max $10 and you can get a lifetime supply of adhesives for it from Target or Amazon.

Thanks for reading.

Go Enjoy Life With a Twist!


P.s. Here is a video explaining my journey with the design process


Check Out all the models and colors we have available on Shapeways via the link below! 🙂


I could have never done this without the love and support of friends, family and the Knuckies community. You know who you are and how much you mean to me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. <3<3<3<3