Knuckies are the only fidget spinner phone stands that look amazing and do good. Made in America for fun to help keep phones out of landfills.

Designed for Good
Built For Life

Harm Less
Stick Tough

Take Photos
Like a Boss

Get Ready to
Stand Tall

Hang Loose &
Grip Strong

Always Be
GPS Ready


Making Every Day a Little Better

• 3D Printed in the USA
• 9 Colors Available in strong and flexible nylon
• Spins Smoother over time
• Wide base for strong adhesion

• Free Shipping on double-sided, harm-free & industrial strength tape
• Sticks firmly to smooth metal, plastic & glass surfaces
• Will not stick to silicone, rubber or uneven surfaces
• Recommended color: black - stays cleaner looking and holds color longest.

Dashboard GPS Mount  Compatible
• Folds ergonomically toward the hand
• Provides stable photography grip
• Sturdy Landscape and Portrait Stand
• Allows for quick multi-tasking
• Folds Flush & Hangs Easily

IMPORTANT: *Industrial harm-free Mounting Adhesive Not Included & Sold Separately on Amazon.
(Includes lifetime supply of 60 affordable adhesives for sticking Knuckies to new phones/cases.)

Knuckies Inc ® supports a cleaner planet by reducing waste from broken phones.